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Fly Fishing Culture

Fly Fishing has deep roots in Myth and Literature. It was practiced in 2nd Century Greece and China. Through the Renaissance (1500’s ), Fly Fishing became popular in England, Scotland, Scandinavia and later, in the US. During the Roaring 20’s, Fly Fishing was all the Rage, and it has continued to grow in popularity to this day. The classic American iconic image of a fly fisherman was brilliantly marketed by early Western Fly fishing entrepreneurs – and built a Legend that spreads magic to the people that enjoy it.


• The River Why, David James Duncan

• A River Runs Through it, Norman McLean

• A Good Life Wasted (Or Twenty Years as a Fishing Guide), David Ames 


• A River Runs Through It 

• Salmon Fishing in the Yemen 

• Man’s Favorite Sport

• Where the Yellowstone Goes