Yellowstone Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Lessons for Beginners and Experts


The Friendly and Knowledgable Fishing Guide

Dusty Fredrickson

M-Dub Workhorse since 2012

Fishing Legend from the primordial soup of life, he has spent his previous life as a Golden Trout. His knowledge of the "Fuzzy Bug" will astound and captivate you. He graces Montana Whitewater and his clients with his masterful skill from Spring to Fall. His off-season is more tropical than yours, perfecting his skills with Caribbean Fishing and Sun Bathing.

Cole "Giggity" Stanwic
Cross-Trained Cornerstone since 2011

This athletic outdoorsman will fascinate you with tales of the river and his ability to "hook-em". A multi-talented mountain addict will find any excuse to avoid Aero-Space Engineering. Friendly and free spirited you will find him on the banks of any Montana River.

Scott "Thrasher" Thrasher

Fishing Guide since 2016
This ex-stuntman hung up his Hollywood dreams to be a family man and your fishing professional. Scott is very friendly and mild mannered, but when he starts talking about his past you will be hooked. Having covered every inch of the Gallatin Canyon there are few questions he can't answer.

Phil "Sporty" Sgamma

M-Dub V.I.P. since 1998
Phil started raft guiding when Montana Whitewater was but just a Glimmer in Bill Zell's eye. The early success of Montana Whitewater was heavily influenced by Phil and his charming whit. From opening up rafting operations on the Yellowstone River to teaching CPR to our newbies we can't praise Phil enough for all he has done with, to and for Montana Whitewater. He currently galavants around like a "tough-guy" and a real mountain man, but we know and love Phil for his soft gooshy side.