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Yellowstone Fly Fishing Retail • Have No Fear, We Got Gear

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Fly Fishing Fly   Varies

We offer a wide variety of flies from custom dry flies to lake poppers. Stop by or call shop for specifics.
Fly Fishing Rod with case   $156

We have excellent beginners setups that will provide days of fly fishing fun and not break your bank. 9ft, 5 WT, 4pc Rod. Loaded Diecast 5WT real, with Blue Cordura Case.
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Fly Fishing Rod   $96

9 ft, 5 WT 4pc Rod. Loaded Graphite 5 WT reel, with Blue Rod Sock.
Essentials Field Kit   $16

You won't want to get a trophy catch on the line and not have the tools to get it off. The essential field kit has you covered. Kit includes Forceps, Nippers, retrieve and straightener.
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Medium, Clear 2-sided Fly Box   $14

Once we get you all geared up for your fly fishing adventures, you are going to want to keep your dry flys, poppers and hooks from swimming around your pockets. This double sided tackle box box will safely house your sharp ends and fit into your gear bag.
Aluminum Fishing Net   $12

We encourage a catch and release policy on our rivers, taking care of these beautiful creatures is all our responsibility. Using a fishing a net can greatly reduce the shock to the caught fish and are highly encouraged.
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Wood Handled Fly Fishing Net   $24

Classy wood handled fishing nets combine the strength of laminated wood and PVC to create the strongest net we offer. If you plan to move to big water with bigger fish this stronger net is a must.

Prices subject to change without notice. Prices may vary from website to shop.